Watch This Video!

Take a look at this video. Mentschen would be interested in your reactions.


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4 responses to “Watch This Video!

  1. Gene Sacks

    The answer to this problem is to change societal perceptions of masculinity/femininity. This has to be done through an ongoing media blitz dealing with sensitivity issues. There needs to be parental education through the public and private schools as well as sensitivity training in the schools from a very early age. Gene Sacks

  2. Alex Romano

    My first reaction was that this is over stating the problem until it spoke directly to me and I realized I am part of the problem, even at my age. I think, like so many trends in society today, the only effective solution is for parents, in the case men, to be good role models for their kids. A dad that hugs, expresses his emotions effectively, vents his anger appropriately and cries openly can be the best guidance for a growing boy. Being a man is being able to cry and accept hugs from your friends.

  3. I absolutely agree with Alex’s comments. Our history has always associated manhood with violence and bloodshed (ie. the symbol for man is an arrow and for a woman a mirror). Can we stop this association??

    Larry Eisenstadt

  4. schulmanej

    This video spoke to me as a boy and as a man. I remember an incident (in Hebrew School of all places) where I had a fight with a friend of mine and my father made be go back and hit my friend. As a man, I know that I am very poor at expressing emotions to my wife and to my children.

    We can and must do better. Our children look to us for behavior that is appropriate and because we hide our emotions, or we don’t know how to show healthy emotions, we are dooming our children.

    This is a wake up call that we must answer.

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